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Bridges 2016 midterm report

OK, so I made it to Jyväskylä. I’ve met here some really interesting people, artists, mathematicians of all sorts, teachers, philosophers… Not all of them think about themselves in these terms, but I’ll do my own evaluations. Getting the Phoenix here ahead of me was a bit tricky. Unfortunately it had been set up on Monday evening, in… Continue reading Bridges 2016 midterm report

Lullaby – My Adaptation

During the first tiresome weeks of our 5-months old, I adapted this lullaby for her. (Yep, I think “night” rhymes better with “child”.) As we are in habit of speaking English every other week, I keep singing this to her those weeks: As I lay you down to sleep, Angels watching over you, my child,… Continue reading Lullaby – My Adaptation

Feeling dizzy…

I’ve had a bit of a flu lately, and way too little rest. Sometimes I really wonder if what I’m doing is worth the trouble. Some of the stuff I’m working on is quite heavy to work on… Good news is that I have much of it written. Bad news is, that it is written… Continue reading Feeling dizzy…