Feeling dizzy…

I’ve had a bit of a flu lately, and way too little rest. Sometimes I really wonder if what I’m doing is worth the trouble. Some of the stuff I’m working on is quite heavy to work on…

Good news is that I have much of it written. Bad news is, that it is written in Finnish. Making it worse, whenever I try to rewrite something, I make changes. And not just a word here or there. Often I change most of the stuff. That’s how I am. So no hopes of getting the final word out of me: when I have finished, I’m already thinking of another way of saying it 🙂

But just to give an idea of what kinds of things I’m thinking right now, and why are they so difficult.

To get an idea what Christianity is all about, one has to start from the beginning. Or rather even from before the beginning. What was God thinking when He created the universe?

Children. God wants children. And not only in this time. Even before He established the universe, He had planned to make us holy and pure, but it will take until the heaven and the Earth disappear until this plan is complitely finished.

Creating the universe was just the first part of the plan. Having created everything, God created man in His image. Fall was the event where man left to walk on his own paths. We could say that the core of the fall is, that we know ourselves what is right and what is wrong. In other words we have a moral of our own, separate from God. When we do naturally what we think is good, it is innatural for us to leave decision about what is good, to God.

Therefore fallen man is not only separate from God, but also incapable of living according to the will of God. Even when he manages to do deeds that are in line with the will of God, these deeds are based on him judging himself – perhaps using the godgiven law – what would be right in the eyes of God. Therefore his deed, which is in line with the word of God, originates from his knowing good and evil, in other words from the fall and sin. So even when he does deeds that are in line with the will of God, these deeds originate from his fallen nature, and thus have the stain of sin.

God’s plan of salvation is two-fold. On one hand it is about atoning the sinful deeds we have done or will do, and on the other hand it is saving us from this state, where everything we do essentially is sinful, growing out of sin.

And here’s where I run into problems. The original skips right ahead to the latter part, but I feel that I need to bite into the first issue too. And even while that too should be pretty straightforward, it is as if there was some spiritual resistance. Wonder why?


P.S. Does anyone happen to know any smiley plugins for WordPress?

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