This is the story why there is

Beyond the apparent, beyond any change. Dreamer dreams into being Ai and Yi. One of whom cannot be conceived without the other and the other of whom cannot be comprehended without the first. One half of Ai is form, second is half the cause and effect and the the third half is sheer imagination. But Yi is Substance and there is nothing that is not Yi. Yet, where Yi is, is Ai apparent.

In the First Dream Yi and Ai dance together, in the process lighting up stars and darkening them back again; bringing forth life and its demise; rising people to stand and making them fall. Nothing is and nothing happens apart from their dance.

First Dream comes to conclusion and there is Second Dream. In it Dreamer watches the First Dream. It is seen to be vast and without a purpose. Seven tears are wept and eyes are closed.

Eyes are opened and a Word is uttered. The open eyes are of equal size, yet they are unlike. The weeping one is the radiant Ai of the day, while other is the reflecting Yi of the night. Ai shines light everywhere around it, while the slowly opening and closing Yi is the inviting mystery for the Ai’s pursuit. Four of large hazy tears set themselves under the eye of night, while three clear droplets set themselves under the eye of the day. As the Word is uttered, a fourth small droplet emerges between the eyes. Out of the freckles of the face became the stars and out of the forelock the stream across its sky.

The eye of day and the eye of night gaze upon the teardrop between them and upon the Dance. The Word spoken reaches the drop. Where had been light, was now color; where had been pace, was now rhythm; and where had been simplicity was now elegance.

And the Word reached the living beings and there was a Yi cloaked in Ai, the first man, and an Ai cloaked in Yi, the first woman. Apart from them there was no-one. When they heard the Word they paused from eating and breeding and looked up and around. And they saw and they knew and they had a purpose for what they were doing. And people were no longer mere children of Ai and Yi, but their lovers, yearning to know them and striving to let them become manifest in everything they did. And thus became arts, sciences, societies and everything the mankind has ever accomplished.

Such is the Second Dream. In it Dreamer sees purpose, but no fulfillment. When the Word was heard, only Ai and Yi were seen. Men and women saw the Dance and loved it, but were trapped in it, never waking up from the First Dream. So Dreamer becomes a Third Dream and enters the Second Dream.

The Third Dream speaks to Yi in Ai and Ai in Yi in many ways and through them and as one of them inviting them to enter. As the sound of the Third Dream is heard, the Word from the Second Dream echoes. As people enter the Third Dream, who is the Dreamer, they finally get to see Ai and Yi as the Dreamer dreamt them to be. Then they do love Ai and Yi even more passionately, the way Dreamer does.

The Dreamer wakes.

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