About this site

This is a personal website. The motivation for this site is first and foremost an introspection. I believe that we are shaped by our actions and interests. This is a place for me to document mine. If I wish to learn to know myself, I should be able to chart what is it I’m interested in and what do I actually do.

In other words this will be an ordinary boring site with blogging, collections of links and other stuff I’ve made.

The domain of this site, outolumo, is a pseudonym I have used in the Internet for years. It is a concatenation of two words “outo” and “lumo”, which are Finnish, my native language. These words are names of the second pair of quarks. The first pair of quarks is called “Up” and “Down” and they are sub-sub-atomic particles, making up protons and neutrons. The second pair is made of “Strange” (“Outo”) and “Charm” (“Lumo”). They are very rare out in the wild. There’s also a third, even more rare, pair named “Top” and “Bottom”. This last pair used to have names that were more descriptive of their role in the quark theory: “Truth” and “Beauty”.

Chances are that if you run into outolumo in the Internet, it’s me.