The things you can do with heat

I find green energy fascinating. In this article I’m going to look into some interesting technologies that could be used to harness thermal energy. I’ll simply present technologies with brief discussions and muse how they could be fused together (and why). The criteria for the selected technologies is that they need to use thermal energy,… Continue reading The things you can do with heat

Not so free energy lunch

I was reading about green energy the other day when I heard about some “free energy” stuff somehow based on magnetism. The interesting thing was that many people – including one professional electrician – claimed that it actually worked, while others said that it is a violation of the laws of physics and a scam.… Continue reading Not so free energy lunch

Harsh exam…

Read the instructions and every question very carefully.
From each of the 6 numbered categories select just one question.
All your answers should be complete and legible.
The time limit is 4 hours.

Lullaby – My Adaptation

During the first tiresome weeks of our 5-months old, I adapted this lullaby for her. (Yep, I think “night” rhymes better with “child”.) As we are in habit of speaking English every other week, I keep singing this to her those weeks: As I lay you down to sleep, Angels watching over you, my child,… Continue reading Lullaby – My Adaptation


Feeling dizzy…

I’ve had a bit of a flu lately, and way too little rest. Sometimes I really wonder if what I’m doing is worth the trouble. Some of the stuff I’m working on is quite heavy to work on… Good news is that I have much of it written. Bad news is, that it is written… Continue reading Feeling dizzy…